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London Home Page > Community > Artists > British or American actors required for comedy feature film

British or American actors required for comedy feature film

Posted on: Saturday 19 October
Posting no: 4452545586

Various roles available in comedy feature film from a Scandinavian production company with A-festival award winning feature film directors

When some young Scouts arrives a few days early for the annual scout meeting, they rent a cozy little cabin in the forest for the weekend when suddenly a gruesome hillbilly neighbor mistake them for evil Nazis and they have to fight for their survival while the naughty nazi-hating headchopper goes on a killing rampage.

Roles available:

AMY TURNER 21 - 20-25 year old. The odd girl. Beautiful in an awkward way. Not a classic beauty. She is clever and looks at the world in her special way. Misfit. Hates her father. On medication. Can seriously kick ass, fight, bite, run, swim etc.
Partial nudity required for this role.

Bill BROWN 27 - 25-35 year old. Normal built. Nothing smart or cool about him. A bit stiff. Neat and correct. Wants to be a leader, but is far from that. Unsure of himself but pretends to be in control. Has poor self-esteem. He was recently dumped and has problems with his masculinity. Partial nudity required for this role.

LAURA MORGAN 23 - 20-25 year old. Classic beauty. Smart. Sporty. She dresses inappropriately %u2013 for a scout. Always talks back %u2013 especially to BILL. Partial nudity required for this role.

TOM HARPER 18 - 18-20 year old. He ignores rules and authority. Sees himself as a rebel. Love metal music. Always fighting his brother ALBERT. Hate being a scout. It%u2019s embarrassing.

ALBERT HARPER 19 - 18-20 year old. Thinks he%u2019s smarter than everyone else. He is fashion conscious and dresses well unlike his brother TOM. Loves weird electronic music. Always fighting his brother TOM. Hate being a scout. It%u2019s embarrassing.

KIM WYATT 25 - 25-30 year old. Chubby oddball. Socially awkward. Nervous. There%u2019s something slightly disturbing about him. Tries to please BILL. Has a crush on LAURA.

Shooting 3 weeks in summer 2013.

Location: Sweden

Only actors with showreel or documented experience may apply.

Pay rate $100/day (approx £65 per day) plus travel and accommodation.

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