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London Home Page > Community > Artists > Gina Birch - Prints are made using combination of Digital animation Stills Photo-etching

Gina Birch - Prints are made using combination of Digital animation Stills Photo-etching

Posted on: Tuesday 15 October
Posting no: 8460108844

Gina Birch M.A Royal College of Art - Technicolor and Fantasy inspire my work in this series of prints. The Prints are made using a combination of Digital animation Stills (from my animation on the same theme), Photo-etching and colour manipulated. I have a fascination with the notion of foreign lands and outsider art. My new work attempts to cross-pollinate my two passions into print. My initial point always seems to be an unconscious desire to work with my earlyanimation influences, as most of my drawings often suggest a personality or action.

After graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2002 I have worked in two specific areas Print, and Illustration. I had previously studied Illustration at degree level but found I was becoming more drawn to the narrative in my work, Print became a natural progression, some of which I animate . - I often print out a sequence of frames and its not unusual for my to practices to become intertwined and one medium to be inspired by the other, within it I am still finding new ground and possible expressive processs which benefit each other.

Often exotic food packaging such as that found in Japanese supermarkets or old postcards sent from aboard inspires me. I think of the characters peopling a sparse landscape made up of an amalgamation of the imagined foreign landscapes I have, maybe dark Icelandic woodland or a tropical beach somewhere / nowhere. - They are immediate, often transferred straight from the page of my sketchbook into print with as less material interference as possible. The Work is deliberately cheerful in content often drowning in colour. Its optimistic and Simple .

The use of Vivid colours and crude lines equate Beauty and innocence, a theme running throughout the Babes in the wood series , a exploration of cheerfulness and feeling projection. The images occupy a place between Joy / Kitsch and unease, although the emphasis is placed on the positive side. In doing so I have tried to capture the positive side of a happy feeling and the malingering doubting which accompanies it .

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Gina Birch