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London Home Page > Community > Artists > Martin Brown - Based within the tradition of painting exploring the landscape of cities

Martin Brown - Based within the tradition of painting exploring the landscape of cities

Posted on: Wednesday 23 October
Posting no: 4763489144

My work is based within the tradition of painting.I am particularly interested in exploring the landscape of cities in which I have lived. I think of the city having a certain kind of architectural legacy that is destroyed or moderated by following generations. In this slow, piecemeal development of the urban environment, I constantly see cycles of urban decay and redevelopment. I try to represent this in my paintings through referencing different periods and styles whithin western painting, I want to convey a melancholic nostalgia for a lost past, by describing an environment through a filter of different historical perceptions.

Since moving to London I have explored these themes by taking on specific references from the history of painting. In some ways I have done this by looking at images of paintings that surround us. One of my works depicts a girl as she walks across Trafalgar Square sending a text message, oblivious to the Titian's Bacchus on advertsising hoardings in front of her. In other pieces I have found some inspiration in seventeenth-century Dutch painters who began to remove painting from religious and mythological frameworks. I have consciously drawn from their depictions of everyday life to look at the contemporary modern world, where there would have been a tavern scene before there is now a DJ playing records.

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