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Find Travel Partners in London- UK

London Home Page > Community > Travel Partners > If you wish to explore the world with a gentleman with no hidden motives

If you wish to explore the world with a gentleman with no hidden motives

Posted on: Thursday 8 August
Posting no: 21268310196

I'm 30yo professional seeking a female partner to experience some beautiful places in Europe. Now that may sound a bit cheap or lame to you, right? I thought so :-)

Here goes some facts that might help understand this offer better:

1. I've no hidden motives when I say seeking for a female travel partner. It feels like an important point to call out after seeing some other ads here. I have spent years in making a career I aspired for. Spent rest of the time with many good friends, who all are now in relationships, or got married, or moved away and blah blah. Good for them :-)

2. Now when the time is right and I want to explore the world, I don't prefer to have a company.

3. I'm a happy man, living everyday like a celebration, finding joy in little little things in daily life. There's absolutely no reason for me to invite anything negative or fall into a trap of sadness. Which mostly starts from telling a lie to someone.

4. On the flip side I believe in welcoming the unknowns that might bring more joy and adventures in life. So I told to myself, why not stand in a corner of the road with a note and wait if someone stops to say Hello.

5. I aspire to get in touch with someone who's doing (or trying to) something meaningful with her life. Who likes to explore things, who respects everyone and speaks truth. Anything else hardly matters.

If I had your curiosity can I have your attention please :-)

1. I am working as a software consultant and making decent money. So if you are tight on budget or have no money at all for the traveling - it's alright! We can sort that out if you are the one like I described, and if we get along well as good friends. That won't mean I will desire anything in return. All I seek is a person with good heart to join me on the ride of joy.

2. I'm 30 years old but look younger (not kidding) :-) 5"10 tall with a athlete body as I love to keep myself fit. One more thing, I have a happy face. I just did not call myself handsome because as they say 'the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder'. You are right, I am a bit cheeky too :-)

3. I've not put my picture or shared personal information here because my friends will laugh at me - which is unnecessary. Off course the whole world know when I will go with someone, just not now.

4. If I sound like reasonable person to you, reply to this with a short intro of you, also sharing your email address. I will respond to that with more details about me (including the answers to your questions) and link to my personal website/portfolio, Facebook profile or pictures blah blah. Everything to prove that you were not stupid.

5. At some point if and when things seem to work out we shall video chat or talk on phone. As a step forward if we both feel comfortable with each other then meet somewhere in the city at your preferred location to make further plans.

I haven't been to anywhere in Europe except some places in the UK, so really open to go anywhere to start with. I like doing adventurous trips which involves anything like hiking, climbing, cycling, driving, or sports, but it could also be a pure leisure trip is the place suggests so. I am open for ideas and adventures!

Note: I definitely don't want to be in position of dealing with multiple people and play cheap. So will be closing this ad as soon as I find the right person, before the end of this month.

Not sure if I'm missing something. So ask more if you want to.

Thank you for reading :-)

Wish you a wonderful time,
Mr. Delight

P.S. No matter what happens, always keep your childish innocence :-)

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