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London Home Page > For Sale > Books, CDs, DVDs & Games > SANDS OF IWO JIMA - JOHN WAYNE'S WORLD WAR 2 FILM DVD. Nominated for Academy Awards


Posted on: Tuesday 29 October
Posting no: 7605766556

Selling Nominated Academy Awards nominated SANDS OF IWO JIMA - JOHN WAYNE'S WORLD WAR 2 FILM DVD.

Tough-as-nails occupation Marine Sergeant John Stryker (John Wayne) is considerably disliked with the adult males of his squad, particularly the combat replacements, for your demanding instruction he places them by means of. He's specifically despised by Personal Peter Conway (John Agar), the arrogant, college-educated son of the officer, Colonel Sam Conway below whom Stryker served and admired, and Non-public Al Thomas (Forrest Tucker), who blames him for his demotion.

When Stryker sales opportunities his squad inside the invasion of Tarawa, the males start to appreciate his techniques, besides Conway, who considers him brutal and unfeeling when he evidently abandons a wounded comrade into the enemy. Over the fight, Thomas goofs off when he goes for getting ammunition for two comrades, stopping to savor a cup of espresso. Consequently, though he provides again coffee for his squadmates, he returns as well late - the 2 Marines, now out of ammunition, are overrun; Hellenpolis is killed, Bass poorly wounded. When Stryker discovers the reality, he forces Thomas right into a fistfight. This can be seen by a passing officer, but Thomas unexpectedly receives Stryker out of hassle for hitting a subordinate by professing that he was getting taught judo. His conscience ravaging him, Thomas breaks down and abjectly apologizes for his dereliction.

Stryker shows his tender aspect while on depart in Honolulu. He picks up a bargirl (Julie Bishop) and goes to her apartment. He gets suspicious when he hears somebody within the up coming home, but when he investigates, all he finds is actually a hungry baby boy she's supporting one of the best ways she can. He provides the lady, whose kid's father was "gone," some money and leaves. The woman had earlier noted that there have been "worse methods to create a dwelling than combating a war," referring to her latest ton in lifetime.

Later on, during a teaching exercise, a recruit drops a dwell hand grenade. Everyone drops for the floor, except Conway, that's distracted studying a letter from his wife. Stryker knocks him down, keeping his everyday living, after which proceeds to bawl him out.

Stryker's squad fights from the struggle for Iwo Jima, witnessing the iconic flag elevating on Mount Suribachi. (The flag employed was the genuine 1 lifted on Mount Suribachi once the struggle. It was loaned by the U.S. Marine Corps Museum.) Afterward, although the fellas are resting for the duration of a lull during the fighting, Stryker is killed by a sniper. His gentlemen obtain a letter on him, dealt with to his son, declaring the issues he desired to say, but hardly ever bought all-around to.

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