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London Home Page > For Sale > Books, CDs, DVDs & Games > The Big Country Gregory Peck's western film DVD. Brilliant Western drama without violence

The Big Country Gregory Peck's western film DVD. Brilliant Western drama without violence

Posted on: Tuesday 12 November
Posting no: 2581606743

Selling The Big Country Gregory Peck's western film DVD. Brilliant Western drama without much violence. held to be a masterpiece!


Affluent, freshly retired sea captain James McKay (Gregory Peck) travels on the American West to join his fiancée Patricia (Carroll Baker) at the huge ranch owned by her father, Big Terrill (Charles Bickford). Terrill is feuding with Rufus Hannassey (Burl Ives), the patriarch of the poorer, significantly less refined ranching clan.

Patricia's pal, schoolteacher Julie Maragon (Jean Simmons), owns the "Big Muddy", a significant ranch by using a crucial water offer. She's caught within the middle of your Terrill-Hannassey feud, as she has been permitting Hannassey to work with her h2o for his cattle, even though Terrill is wanting to get her land as a way to put Hannassey outside of business.

McKay refuses being provoked into proving his manhood, having sworn off such behavior given that his father died in a meaningless duel. He does almost nothing to prevent Hannassey's trouble-making son Buck (Chuck Connors) from harassing him, and he declines a obstacle by Terrill's foreman, Steve Leech (Charlton Heston), to ride an unruly horse. Patricia, Terrill, and Leech consider this to become cowardly in watch from the region's lawlessness. When Terrill and also the adult males trip towards the Hannassey put in retribution for Buck's harassment, McKay stays at the ranch and effectively rides the unruly horse whilst telling no one other than ranch hand Ramon (Alfonso Bedoya).

1 early morning, immediately after instructing Ramon to inform the many others to not get worried about him, McKay rides for the Massive Muddy, making use of a map and compass to navigate the terrain, and persuades Julie to sell him her land by promising to carry on her coverage of permitting both the Terrills plus the Hannasseys entry to the river. In the meantime, a look for occasion spends two days trying to find McKay, believing he's lost.

McKay finds the search bash and explains that he was not in danger, but Leech - that's evidently determined in piece by his jealousy of McKay above Patricia - calls him a liar facing Patricia and Terrill. McKay once again refuses for being goaded into a argue, and he and Patricia concur to reconsider their engagement following she turns into upset at his evident cowardice. Early the following early morning, before anybody else is up, McKay settles with Leech. They battle away with the property, with out witnesses, to an exhausted draw. Soon after that, Leech commences to regard McKay.

Later on, after McKay has moved into town, Julie tells Patricia that he acquired the big Muddy and privately rode the horse, and Patricia visits him. When he tells her he options to allow drinking water use of the Hannasseys, she gets enraged plus they break the engagement permanently.

Meanwhile, on Terrill's orders, Leech and his fellas chase Hannassey's cattle away through the Major Muddy. Hannassey, in retaliation, kidnaps Julie and works by using her as bait to lure Terrill into an ambush inside the slim canyon foremost to Hannassey's property. Buck attempts to rape her, but his father stops him.

When McKay finds out about Julie, for whom his private feelings have been turning out to be progressively noticeable, he rides to the Hannassey place with Ramon. Buck tells Julie he'll kill McKay until she claims she is there willingly. McKay demonstrates Hannassey the deed to Significant Muddy and promises him equivalent usage of the h2o.

When Hannassey claims he intends to struggle Terrill anyway, McKay declares to Hannassey the argue is mostly a private vendetta. McKay and Buck argue with one another, but Hannassey stops the conflict when Buck attracts his gun on McKay, who's unarmed, and decides they can settle their quarrel using a formal duel.
Right after going for walks apart 10 paces, both fellas transform and aim. Buck fires prior to the sign, grazing McKay's brow.

Hannassey prepares to destroy Buck, as required from the rules, but McKay stops him. As McKay little by little and intentionally will take aim, Buck drops to your floor in terror and crawls behind a wheel. McKay fires into the dirt, and Hannassey spits on Buck in disgust. As McKay and Julie commence to go away, Buck grabs a gun from the ranch hand as a way to destroy McKay, but Hannassey shoots his son dead.

Meanwhile, Terrill insists on riding in the canyon. In the beginning, Leech refuses to accompany him, plus the other adult males adhere to his lead. Having said that, after Terrill rides out alone, Leech catches up with him. The remaining arms once more align themselves with Leech by following.

The group shortly rides right into a trap within the canyon. Acknowledging the truth of McKay's accusation, Hannassey orders his men to prevent shooting and troubles Terrill to some one-on-one showdown. Hannassey and Terrill eliminate each other, and McKay, Julie, and Ramon ride away from

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