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Find Accountancy, Legal, Immigration and UK Visa Services in London

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Immigration lawyers - Immigration Advice Services.

Posted on: Friday 25 October
Posting no: 2500216134

Here at the Immigration Advice Service we are one the of leading UK immigration lawyers representing a wide and diverse array of migrants to the UK who require assistance in navigating complex immigration laws and rules.

It is our role as immigration lawyers to evaluate your case honestly and objectively and give you the best possible options available.

As leading immigration lawyers we have the ability, experience and knowledge to assess your claim and best advise you on what you may or may not be entitled to, presenting you with all the help you will need whether you are making an application under the immigration rules to enter or remain in the UK, or appealing against a decision by the UKBA or Entry Clearance Officer (ECO).

At the Immigration Advice Service we have become one of the most trusted immigration lawyers that people with immigration issues approach, offering a friendly, professional and detailed service that does all it can to argue your case to the UKBA and the courts. We also have access to translators, interpreters and additional assistance to ensure your time with us is as stress free as possible.

We commit to offering you impartial advice which will offer you various options with regularising and extending your stay in the UK. We assist with overseas applications and have vast experience in making representations to Entry Clearance Officers.

Our immigration lawyers work swiftly and are committed to offering a quality and confidential service at unbeatable rates. As UK immigration lawyers our services may also assist those who are at risk of returning to the countries of origin owing to fear of persecution. Presenting an individual immigration lawyer to each case we receive, you can be sure of a personal service with the Immigration Advice Service. So if you require the skilled services of one of the best immigration lawyers UK citizens and immigrants can rely on, call our professional team today.

There are numerous reasons why people seek to enter the UK. Some people seek to enter for short periods to take a holiday, for family visits or to study. Others might enter in order to work or to put their qualifications to use. Others still might be arriving to start a new life by joining their spouses or parents to settle here.

Obtaining the right visa and making sure your application is completed correctly can often be difficult. This is where we can help. Our immigration lawyers can provide you with advice and assistance with all immigration applications to enter the UK or to extend your visa once here. Our forte is in providing UK immigration solicitors to deal with your case in the most effective manner, assisting you in filling out any necessary paperwork when making applications to the authorities.

When things go wrong and applications are refused or you find yourself in detention, we will be there. Our professional immigration solicitors are on hand to assist with appeals and representation to the courts and Tribunal. Offering the services of full trained professional immigration solicitors, we have the resources to state your reasons for requesting admission to the UK or an extended stay and ensure that you gain a fair representation in front of the courts where necessary.

With an experienced immigration solicitor you can remove much of the confusion and hassle that can often be experienced with immigration applications whether you are looking for a temporary visa or permanent settlement. When looking for the most thorough UK immigration service there are few better experts that ourselves here at the Immigration Advice Service where you can find such quality services.

For more details of our immigration advisory service or to speak with any of our UK immigration solicitors, we are here throughout the day and evening to answer your questions. A leading UK immigration service provider, you can now openly discuss your circumstances with our qualified immigration solicitors today and feel at ease with a dedicated immigration solicitor now.

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